Tutor Resources


Any instructional method that engages students in the learning process and requires students to do meaningful learning activities, while thinking about what they are doing.

Asking for Feedback

Feedback Form PDF

Feedback Form - Google Form

Information about Asking for Feedback, and an anonymous survey to help you ask your tutees for feedback
Career Readiness Competencies Iowa State's 8 areas for career readiness

Conducting Sessions

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Common components of successful tutoring sessions

Diversity & Inclusion in Tutoring

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Resources and ideas to increase inclusivity in your tutoring sessions

Facilitation Strategies

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10 ideas for facilitating peer-to-peer interactions and helping your group learn. Plus, tips and supports for more comfort and engagement with these active learning activities. 

First Session

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Things to do and consider when starting tutoring

Group Tutoring

Special considerations for working with small-group tutoring

Icebreakers & Check-In Questions

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Ideas to get to know your tutoring groups, and to make group dynamics productive and friendly

Redirecting Questions

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A list of questions you can ask for clarification, to demonstrate understanding, and to encourage participation

Session Disruption Protocol

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Helpful hints for the rare session interruption

Tutoring Session Plan

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Tips for how to organize a tutoring session